gal zinot geru psl apie gilles villneuve?

2006 Kovo 06 d. 21:27

tai topicas kaip ir atskleidzia ka norejau pasakyt... nes su google tai terliotis atsibodo ir nieko neradau, o seip ir seniau idomus tas veikejas buvo + tas straipsniukas cia... wat, tai jei turit kazkas kokiu perliuku rade apie gillesi tai butu malonu jei pasidalintumet :)

2006 Kovo 06 d. 21:29

aj nu joa... dar su klaida pavarde parasiau... heh... :/ nu krc, tarkim niekas sito nepastebes...

2006 Kovo 06 d. 21:37

Butu idomiau suzinot apie filma su gilles. Kada jis pasirodys?

2006 Kovo 06 d. 21:46

o kaip vadinasi tas filmas??? nerealu butu paziuret!

2006 Kovo 06 d. 21:46

man atrodo dar nebaigtas.. Nieko apie realiai nezinau.

2006 Kovo 06 d. 21:48

Nieko apie tai realiai nezinau - turejo but.

sori, rankos pinasi, velu vis delto :)

2006 Kovo 06 d. 22:20

o cia trumpai - apie tai, kokia 'technika' tekdavo jam valdyt:

During practice at Dijon in 1981, Gilles crashed
at the Courbe de Pouas, an undulating, flat-in-
fourth right hander, with no run-off worth
mentioning. During the lunch break I found him
dabbing a cut on his jaw: "Bloody catch pole
cracked my helmet and broke the visor ..."

"You overdid it ?" I asked. "Just ran out of
road?" "No, no," he grinned. "I ran out of lock!
"The car is really bad through there - an
adventure every time. Go and have a look this
afternoon and you'll
see what I mean." I did. I watched the Cosworth-
engined Williams and Brabhams droning through on
their rails, and waited.

At its clipping point, at the top of a rise, the
Ferrari was already sideways, its driver winding
on opposite lock. As it came past me, plunging
downhill now, the tail stayed out of line, further
and further, and still Gilles had his foot hard
down. As he reached the bottom of the dip, I knew
the position was hopeless, for now it was
virtually broadside, full lock on,
Villeneuve's head pointing up the road, out of the
side of the cockpit.

Somehow, though, the Ferrari did not spin, finally
snapping back into line as it grazed the catch
fencing, then rocketing away up the hill. For more
than a hundred yards, I swear it, the car was
sideways at 130 mph. "That's genius," said David
Hobbs, watching with me. "Are you seriously
telling me he's won two Grand Prix in that?"

2006 Kovo 06 d. 22:24

o cia vienas is komentaru, kodel man Gilles yra Pats .......ausias:

Keke Rosberg Quote:

"To Gilles, racing truly was a sport, which
is why he would never chop you. Something
like that he'd look on with contempt. You
didn't have to be a good driver to do that,
let alone a great one. Anyone could do that.
Gilles was the hardest bastard I ever raced
against, but completely fair. If you'd
beaten him to a corner, he accepted it and
gave you room. Then he'd be right back at
you at the next one! Sure, he took
unbelievable risks - but only with himself -
and that's why I get pissed off now when
people compare Senna with him. Gilles was
a giant of a driver, yes, but he was also a
great man."

2006 Kovo 07 d. 00:04

Geras zmogus. Ir nama pastate (nors traileris buvo megstama jo gyvenimo vieta, dabar visokie "zvaigzdes" bando kopijuot), tikiu medi pasodino (ir ne viena), tik sunaus nespejo uzauginti (toks likimas)... O jei butu tvirta tevo ranka ta pacana priziurejusi, ziu galbut ZMOGUS butu uzauges...

2006 Kovo 07 d. 17:52

labai aciu AF1 :D
ypac sita gera jo quote:
" because you need big tyres to slow you down
when you spin. And you need a lot of horsepower to unstick big tyres, to make the cars slide."

2006 Balandžio 10 d. 00:50 GV vs Jet :)

2006 Gruodžio 23 d. 07:54

AF1 sutinku su tamsta 100%. rosbergas nemala sh tikrai. gilles buvo ypatingas... kaip gaila kad buvo ech..

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