Primename, kad esate atsakingi už komentarus prieš LR įstatymus.
IP: deb749b | 05/16 09:16 Atsakyti
05/15 12:44

Tuoj atbegs Klepsidra su bajeriais apie Albono pasiūlymus iš Red bul... skaityti daugiau

Buvai teisus, nepraejo ne 30min ir atbego :D
IP: 38a275f | 05/16 06:58 Atsakyti
A. Albonas nėra tikras dėl savo ateities „Williams“ komandoje

Skaityti daugiau:
IP: 190e8f3 | 05/15 18:42 Atsakyti
kokia meilė tarp piloto ir komandos, net pavydu
IP: 1714df3 | 05/15 13:31 Atsakyti
"Džiaugiamės galėdami užsitikrinti Alexo ateitį mūsų komandoje. Jis pasižymi išskirtiniu talentu,"

kur visos top komandos ziuri???
turbut cia -->>>>
IP: f493dd1 | 05/15 13:13 Atsakyti
Peter Windsor on Youtube Live: "As I understand it, [Albon] has been offered a 3-year contract to start in 2025 [at Red Bull. SO I think you're going to see him alongside Max Verstappen"

In his Green Notebook, Saward notes, “One might suggest that George’s mate Alex Albon might be a good choice for Mercedes, but he is believed to have an attractive offer to go to Red Bull Racing in 2026, which could be a very good idea”. The 62-year-old then adds that Red Bull could be an attractive option for a driver like Albon as the idea that the team “will implode seems to have gone away now”.

After the 2023 season, the Thai racer has become a top contender for not just the Williams and Ferrari seats but at other teams as well. Barretto shared in an article, “If an agreement can’t be done, Ferrari have no shortage of options to look upon with Alex Albon possibly one of the most highly-rated that is availa***.” Barretto also pointed out how Alex Albon had done more than enough to prove his worth to the teams and his ability to perform at a high level consistently warranted interest from most. - "nenustok zaisti"
IP: f8f95a9 | 05/15 12:44 Atsakyti
Tuoj atbegs Klepsidra su bajeriais apie Albono pasiūlymus iš Red bull, Ferrari ir pan...

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