Theorizing: Red Bulls Splitter/Stay imitating a Mass Damper?

2013 Lapkričio 09 d. 14:48

Labai įdomus Matt Somerfield tekstas:

Kelios įdomios vietos:

„Rob Marshall, Red Bull's Chief Designer pioneered the original Mass Damper when he worked at Renault.“

„I'm guessing Red Bull had the option to run this at the start of the season, then swiftly found that the tyre construction wasn't conducive to it's application or didn't yield as large a result as on the 2012 construction tyres. As we can see below Red Bull actually utilised a different stay prior to the change of construction mid season.“

Įdomaus skaitymo.

2013 Lapkričio 09 d. 15:46

Wow! Aciu!

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