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2022 Rugpjūčio 01 d. 11:09

NEWS: Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant announces Fernando Alonso for 2023.
We are delighted to confirm the two-time #F1 World Champion will join the team from next season on a multi-year contract.

2022 Rugpjūčio 27 d. 14:51

Kvalifikacijos nugalėtojas spėlionėje nustatomas prieš ar po nuobaudų?

2022 Rugsėjo 02 d. 17:27

aha, pripazino Alpine kontrakta negaliojanciu

2022 Rugsėjo 17 d. 17:06

Senai matytas žmogelis

2022 Rugsėjo 20 d. 21:58

Nei naujiena, nei gandas bet gal kam bus idomu isgirsti apie Max'a siek tiek inside info

2022 Rugsėjo 23 d. 13:11

BREAKING: Nicholas Latifi to leave Williams at the end of the 2022 season

2022 Spalio 10 d. 12:41

kaip sakoma - you had one job...

Confusion over Formula 1’s rules was not just limited to points at the Japanese Grand Prix, as how it ended also left teams scratching their heads.

Article 5.4 of F1’s sporting regulations states: “Should two hours elapse before the scheduled race distance is completed, the leader will be shown the end-of-session signal when he crosses the control line (the Line) at the end of the lap following the lap during which the two (2) hour period ended, provided this does not result in the scheduled number of laps being exceeded.”

So some teams had been anticipating that once the three hours were up, then there would be one more lap before the chequered flag was shown.

This was something Alpine had been anticipating, as Fernando Alonso had been on a charge following a later change for fresh inters and was poised to overhaul Sebastian Vettel.

Sporting director Alan Permane said his squad was taken aback by the race finishing one lap before it had expected.

“I think the race was stopped a lap earlier, the chequered flag was a lap earlier than it should have been,” he said. “I think when Max crossed the line, there was about five seconds still on the clock, and then they chequered flagged it the next lap. So I think, had the race gone to the distance we thought it was going to go to, he would have got Sebastian.”

Alpine were not alone though, as even Max Verstappen and Red Bull seemed to be taken by surprise that the chequered flag came out when it did.

Despite the race systems showing him winning and the flag being shown, Verstappen kept on pushing as he and his team were not sure if the race was over or not.

Having got as far as the Degner curves, Verstappen’s engineer Gianpiero Lambiase said: “OK, Max, there seems to be some confusion over whether the race is over. We do think it is. But just bring it home.”

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc also had to ask: “Is it over?”

Further back, McLaren asked Daniel Ricciardo to keep his speed up after the chequered flag as it wasn’t entirely sure what had happened.

Team boss Andreas Seidl said: “The chequered flag was out at the right time, but we saw that Max Verstappen was still going flat out after crossing the line, so I don't know exactly what happened there.

2022 Spalio 10 d. 12:42

While the two-hour limit in the rules mentioned the extra lap, the three-hour time limit for an event is a hard stop.

In discussing time limits, Article 5.b states: “Should the race be suspended (see Article 57) the length of the suspension will be added to this period up to a maximum total race time of three (3) hours.”

Without any reference to the need to do an extra lap, then the three-hour window means that as soon as the time limit is reached, then the chequered flag is put out for the race leader - which is exactly what happened.

However, just like the confusion over the handing out of points that marred the aftermath of the Japanese GP, this three-hour rule could well be tweaked over the winter to fall in line with how the two-hour limit is handled.

2022 Lapkričio 06 d. 21:43

Jeigu įvyks Brazilijos gp, žadamas lietus su žaibais. Panašu į 2016m

2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 01:12

Visi dvidešimt prieš Abu Dabio savaitgalį

2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 11:14
2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 11:14

Visi dvidešimt prieš Abu Dabio savaitgalį

Tie, kurie sakė, kad vertė klauptis, dabar galės sakyti, kad dar ir valgyt visiems liepė.

2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 12:27
La Form
2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 12:27

Tie, kurie sakė, kad vertė klauptis, dabar galės sakyti, kad dar ir valgyt visiems liepė.

Matei sąskaitą? 615065eur už gėrimus, mėsgalius ir šieną :/

2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 13:08
2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 13:08

Matei sąskaitą? 615065eur už gėrimus, mėsgalius ir šieną :/


2022 Lapkričio 18 d. 16:41

Seb'o išleistuvės, bet gandai sako, sąskaita apmokėta Hamiltono auksu.

2022 Lapkričio 28 d. 07:53

Yra kokių nors naujienų dėl FTX crypto? Jei vis tik Mersų rėmėjai ir tokia varkę prasuko su amerikos demokratais ir ukraina yra ganai.

2022 Lapkričio 29 d. 11:05

Binotto atsistatydinimo, yra gandų, kad Horneris pereis į Ferarri.

2023 Sausio 29 d. 09:56

Lecler not our lead driver for 2023 season: Ferrari F1 boss

2023 Vasario 03 d. 14:42
2023 Vasario 03 d. 14:42

Lecler not our lead driver for 2023 season: Ferrari F1 boss

Jei cituoji, tai cituok iki galo: "if one driver performs significantly better during the season, then the team will readjust its strategy accordingly"

2023 Kovo 22 d. 14:46

Porsche’s dreams of joining the Formula 1 grid in 2026 have been dashed, despite continued interest in the championship.

2023 Rugpjūčio 19 d. 10:37

Teko girdėti gandus, kad MA'FIA žada padėti mersams atsitiesti. Ir keleta faktų iš praeities žmogus rado.

2023 Gruodžio 27 d. 14:40

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