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2019 Balandžio 26 d. 12:42

- Manhole cover loose, causing heavy damage to Russell’s car, a Williams
- Pick up truck with damaged car HITS A BRIDGE causing damage to the bridge and car w/ fluid all over it
- Don’t know how safe the track is, #FP1 is cancelled.

2019 Balandžio 27 d. 15:02

Sio savaitgalio top tema yra Ericssonas ir kaip jis tariamai ismuse Grosjena. Pastarasis turetu sleptis krumuose, nes bajeriai eina ir is pacio Ericssono, ir zmones sedi su kepuraitem “Ericsson did it” ar pan, ir pilotai varo:
Ricciardo talking about tricky safety car restarts at Baku: "It’s a good thing Ericsson is not here this year. He could be snipering a lot of guys."

2019 Balandžio 27 d. 15:43

Jo, ta chebryte su kepurelem - geri troliai :)

2019 Balandžio 28 d. 17:45

Former world champion Nico Rosberg has landed himself in a rather embarrassing situation after having his F1 paddock pass taken away for misusing it during the Chinese Grand Prix. Rosberg, who retired after winning the title in 2016, still frequents the paddock as a pundit for various TV broadcasters and as a vlogger on his YouTube account. Access to the grid ahead of a race is carefully managed and Rosberg, who has a special pass as a former world champion, apparently gave his pass to someone not authorised to be on the Shanghai grid. The German had requested additional passes for the race, but was denied by Formula One Management.

2019 Balandžio 29 d. 22:57

O čia, kadangi radau tik dabar, visas šitas aprašytas siužetas.

2019 Balandžio 30 d. 10:10

pirmiausia Williams gonna Williams su ta bauda - nesuskaiciavo, kad del pavelinto 10 minuciu starto i pitlane reikia isvaziuoti irgi 10 minuciu veliau

2019 Balandžio 30 d. 12:27
2019 Balandžio 30 d. 12:27

Williams gonna Williams

Nieko nematau tragisko is Williams komandos, kitose irgi galetum prisikabinti prie smulkmenu jeigu labai noretum. Akivaizdu kad posto autorius - lenkas - bando sukurti iliuzija kad vargsui robertui visi aplink bando pakenkti ir siaip jis del podiumu galetu kovoti bet va aplinka kalta tai jau ketvirta etapa is eiles gauna nuo naujoko.

2019 Gegužės 01 d. 10:54

Kas kiek uzdirba simet (pilotai) ir kas kiek isleidzia (komandos).
Prie rytines kavos ;)

2019 Gegužės 04 d. 16:21

Franck Montagny, Canal+:

There are a number of reasons for this, according to the former Formula 1 driver. One is the separation within the team. “The chassis is made in England and produced by the English. The engines are made in Paris and that department is run by French people. The English think they are the best and talk negatively about the French and the French talk negatively about the English because Renault is their brand. They are all egos, but yes, you have them so much in Formula 1, don't you? ” “Renault has had a problem for three years now.

If Mercedes spends 400 million, you have to spend more. Renault is behind. They have to invest more time and money, otherwise they will never get closer."

2019 Gegužės 05 d. 09:45

RoKit remia ne tik Williams, bet ir Houston Rockets krepšinio komandą, kuri šiuo metu vakarų konferencijos pusfinalyje varžosi su GSW.

2019 Gegužės 05 d. 13:17

Helmut Marko recalled, “The story should have been that he decides in the summer, whether he goes to Ferrari or remains Mercedes or Red Bull. That turned out to be very different from what he imagined, and very different from what the Netflix people wanted it to be.”

Of course, Ricciardo was waiting on Mercedes to decide on Valtteri Bottas’ future and firmly believed the Finn would get the boot as Marko explained, “I bet with him and, thankfully, Bottas stayed with Mercedes. Ricciardo did not believe that would happen.”

After receiving the €1000 in cash for winning the wager, Marko explained, “When I bet with him, I already knew what I’m talking about!”

Ricciardo himself confirmed that early last year Renault was not on his radar, “At the beginning of the season I thought that I would have many options, which I really believed at the time.”

“In the end, it was less then I thought. I do not want to get involved in a war of words with Helmut, I like Helmut.”

As for the thousand bucks bet, he lost to Marko, Ricciardo explained, “We bet again in Melbourne. It was about qualifying and he believed that they would put a car in the top three. I took it up, so I got my money back, but betting with Helmut is over now!

2019 Gegužės 09 d. 08:56

Turbut zinot, kad MB visalaik kaltinama sandbaggingu (ne be reikalo, beje). Panasu, chebryte turi gera humoro jausma :)

2019 Gegužės 09 d. 10:50

Ten ne smelis. Smelis yra sunkesnis ir taip nesilaiko. Gal tas dalykas turi paskirti ir kazkas is internautu susigalvojo savo fakine istorija. Reiktu vaizdo is arciau, daugiau info.

2019 Gegužės 09 d. 19:51

Haas and Ferrari won't run the upgraded Ferrari engine in Barcelona .

2019 Gegužės 09 d. 21:14
2019 Gegužės 09 d. 21:14

Haas and Ferrari won't run the upgraded Ferrari engine in Barcelona .

-20 HP

2019 Gegužės 09 d. 21:54

Haas and Alfa.

2019 Gegužės 09 d. 23:43

30 of the most talented young drivers in the world will go wheel-to-wheel this weekend as the first round of the new-look FIA Formula 3 Championship gets underway in support of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Designed as the perfect platform for young drivers to climb their way up the FIA’s single-seater pyramid, the category (which replaces the respective GP3 and European F3 series, which spawned the likes of Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas and more) sees competitors do battle in identical machinery, with two races taking place at each of the eight F1-supporting rounds.

2019 Gegužės 10 d. 00:06

Today, 12:46
Any driver who fails to negotiate Turn 2 and goes over sppedbumps, must then re-join the track by driving to the left of the bollard located at the entry to Turn 3.

2019 Gegužės 10 d. 16:38

Pirelli’s Mario Isola has confirmed that McLaren, Mercedes & Renault will be the initial teams to begin testing the new, larger tyres being introduced.

Formula 1 is set to introduce 18 inch tyres in 2021, with Formula 2 introducing the larger wheels next season to begin development.

2019 Gegužės 10 d. 18:33
2019 Gegužės 10 d. 18:33

Today, 12:46
Any driver who fails to negotiate Turn 2 and goes over sppedbumps, must then re-join the track by driving to the left of the bollard located at the entry to Turn 3.

viskas ir toliau sistemingai daroma tam, kad ziuredamas telika niekas nieko nesuprastu.

2019 Gegužės 10 d. 23:27

Gera pastaba - jau ilga laika visokie smulkus pokyciai "atrandami" komentatoriu, transliacijos metu.
O viska galima butu supaprastinti - prasidedant transliacijai FOM galetu parasyt ne tik kiek km ilgio trasa ir ka reiskia geltona veliava, bet ir duoti vat butent tokios, sviezios ir aktualios ziurovui info.

2019 Gegužės 11 d. 11:53

Lewisas netycia prisipazino, kad viskas priklauso ne nuo piloto talento, o nuo inzinieriaus profesionalumo, ne? :)

Bottas leads Hamilton by a single point after four races, with both men having won twice each this season. The Finn, whose advantage stems from a fastest lap in Australia that was worth an extra point, failed to win a race last year while Hamilton was triumphant 11 times.

“This year he has my number two engineer… and he is learning a lot from that,” the champion told reporters at the Spanish Grand Prix. “That’s to be expected, the little bit of a step that he’s taken.

“I’ve got a new engineer and we are working really well together but it takes time to build relationships with people and to continue to grow.”

“When you take one element away, whatever element you take away, initially it’s not as strong as something you have built over six years. We are building back to being stronger and trumping that. It’s only been four races, so just watch this space."

2019 Gegužės 11 d. 17:08

nors kai kuriems ir pralose jis titula Malaizijoje, bet 2016 buvo izymus tais paciais skundais apie inzinierius ir pan. belieka laukti, kol telemetrija papostins vel. Bottas jau kalasi jam i galva.

2019 Gegužės 11 d. 20:24

ir labai sekmingai kalasi!
O vat Malaizija, bet kokiu atveju, turejo grandiozine itaka ;)

2019 Gegužės 11 d. 21:15
2019 Gegužės 11 d. 21:15

ir labai sekmingai kalasi!
O vat Malaizija, bet kokiu atveju, turejo grandiozine itaka ;)

Malaizija turejo grandiozine itaka fanu galvose. Kur jis buvo iki Malaizijos kai viena po kito etapus prap. Rosbergui.

2019 Gegužės 13 d. 07:15

ant tiek visiems skauda, kad saug sansu kad HAM ims 6 - ta titula ?

2019 Gegužės 13 d. 08:31

nobody cares, Hamiltonas ar Bottas

2019 Gegužės 14 d. 08:32

All 10 teams were offered the chance to create a mule car for initial track testing of the new 18-inch tyres by converting a 2018 chassis.
Pirelli names three F1 teams that will test 18-inch tyres
Pirelli names three F1 teams that will test 18-inch tyres
May 10, 2019

Most were reluctant to commit resources to such a project within 2019, and consideration was given to postponing any testing until 2020.

However, once Renault agreed to Pirelli's request to build a car for this season, Mercedes felt it had no choice but to participate, along with McLaren.

Ferrari has opted out, citing a lack of resources and time, while Red Bull Racing does not have a 2018 car available, due to its change of engine supplier.

2019 Gegužės 14 d. 08:39

There was some rumour about Vettel's wheel rim failure having something to do with some innovative suspension they were trying out. Not sure if one could read anything into that.

It is already well known fact that original suspension was removed, probably after the crash. The real question is how much Ferrari lost without it as there are rumours from Italy that complete car was design around it. We also do not know if that is the reason why very pronounced ride height movement suddenly disappeared from then on... To be perfectly honest those are the only questions that I'm interested in answering right now because something bizarrely strange happened since the beginning of testing. Everything aside, very few here questioned why was Seb so happy with the behaviour (not timesheets) of the car in the first week of testing, just to be very dissatisfied with the same thing since the first race. I believe this cannot be explained without much more information.

They will be trying a new suspension tomorrow. If they somehow beat their S3 time from quali, then they'd have something they can work with, it would be a start!

2019 Gegužės 14 d. 08:42

Hamiltono pasiruosimas lenktyniu startui:

2019 Gegužės 14 d. 12:05

Oficialu: nuo 2020 m. F-1 bus Zandvoorte.

2019 Gegužės 14 d. 18:47

2019 Gegužės 15 d. 00:25!/vizhome/2019_Formula_1_Analysis/Formula12019 - man patinka gražiai sudėliota statistika, tai čia nemažai jos įvairiais pjūviais. Radau reddit, bet gal ne visi lankotės, tai ir čia papostinsiu.

2019 Gegužės 15 d. 17:45

Siu laiku Arrows ir Prince Malik Ibrahim istorija paisosi :-)

In section 33 of her final judgement, the Judge made some telling observations regarding Storey and Rich Energy, “Mr Storey provided different and inconsistent accounts of the development of D1’s Device, which also conflicted to a large extent with the evidence of Mr Kelly.”

“He often did not answer questions directly, preferring to make speeches about his vision for his business or alternatively seeking to evade questions by speaking in generalities or in the third person plural. He only answered several questions when I intervened.”

“He had a tendency to make impressive statements, which on further investigation or consideration were not quite what they seemed.”

“For example, when Mr Wyand in cross-examination tried to understand his evidence about the sales figures of Rich Energy drinks, and put to him that he had been quoted in the press in February 2019 as saying that the First Defendant had produced 90 million cans, Mr Storey explained that it had produced 90 million cans, but had not yet filled and sold them.”

“He said he would have to check the figures, but in 2018 he thought the First Defendant had filled and sold “circa 3 million cans” of Rich Energy drink.”

To put this into perspective, Red Bull sold 6.8-billion cans of their fizzy drinks in 2018, which amounted to €5.541 billion in turnover for the organisation that fields two teams in Formula 1.

If Rich Energy sold 3-million cans as Storey claimed, at €2.00 per can, that’s €6-million income for the start-up but in reality a pittance in a sport which gobbles up money like a vacuum cleaner on steroids.

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