Naujienos, gandai...

2019 Gegužės 15 d. 21:51

The Williams team has confirmed that Nicholas Latifi will take part in free practice, starting in Canada, taking over from Robert Kubica.

2019 Gegužės 16 d. 12:25

Nes ikelti tik YouTube nuoroda buvo per daug sudetinga.

2019 Gegužės 16 d. 13:15
Naivus Kvailys
2019 Gegužės 16 d. 13:15

Nes ikelti tik YouTube nuoroda buvo per daug sudetinga.


2019 Gegužės 16 d. 13:22

nemoka jis. o norejo pasidalinti tokiu istoriniu ivykiu. o kur dar naujiena, kad kranas, vezdamas bolida i tilta atsitrenke?

2019 Gegužės 16 d. 16:34

jo. dabar surask nuotrauka, kur jam nauja vaziuokle duos, nes sena perdaug pazeista.

siaip McLaren sufailins siemet su Indy panasu. yra mananciu, kad net kvalifikacijos nepraeis

2019 Gegužės 16 d. 17:56

Nieko stebėtino. Mclaren fail'ai kartu su Alonso persikėlė už Atlanto.

2019 Gegužės 19 d. 16:53

Haas remeja Rich (pona Storey) ir jo neva egzistuojanti gerima po teismo sprendimo Whyte Bikes dar ir patrollina. Nice :)

2019 Gegužės 19 d. 20:08

Mercedes has been experimenting for some time with simulating the effects of rear-wheel steering – either in the tolerances allowed within the suspension geometry and/or in the brake-by-wire software. It was very apparent last year through the final turn at Austin, in the car’s enhanced rotation upon turn in. It looked like the beginnings of a rear slide, only then to straighten itself up once it was pointed at the apex. It’s the sort of trait a driver can amplify by how and where he comes off the brakes, but the car needs to be responsive to this – and the Mercedes was visibly so at that place last year. But it wasn’t always so obvious – and the W10 hasn’t always looked like this in the early part of 2019. The suggestion is that the feature has been tricky to set up. A breakthrough of sorts may have been made in understanding at Baku – between the practices of Friday evening and Saturday morning. Certainly at Barcelona, the W10 had the responsive slow corner reactions of a much smaller car even while enhancing its massive high-speed aero performance.

Meanwhile at Ferrari, there’s a recurring story of a new front suspension being trialled back at the factory but not yet raced. Difficult to know at the moment if this is real or mythical. The theory goes that the SF90 was originally designed with this suspension and that its aerodynamics were conceived around it, but that it suffered a breakage (either in testing or on the rig at the factory), causing Ferrari to adapt a version of last year’s suspension to the new car. This is all just hearsay from Italy so far – and not something that Ferrari has come close to confirming. Certainly in pre-season testing there was nothing visually obvious suggesting a different suspension to that currently on the car.

2019 Gegužės 20 d. 07:52

Fernando Alonso and McLaren missed the Indianapolis 500 after a 23-year-old American in a rebuilt race car for an underfunded team snagged the final spot in the field.

Kyle Kaiser bumped Alonso out of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” by .02 mph in the “Last Row Shootout” to set the 33-driver field. All the attention was on McLaren, which leaned on Andretti Autosport, Team Penske, Chevrolet and anyone who would help in an effort to get the two-time Formula One champion into the race.

2019 Gegužės 20 d. 08:33

Labai dramatiskas aprasymas rezultatui, kuris brendo nuo pirmuju bandymu. Ziuresim, ar drama persikels i aukstesnius sluoksnius, pirmiausia tikrius de Ferrano asmenyje

2019 Gegužės 20 d. 20:03

McLaren have parted company with the man who was employed to run their Indycar programme.

The departure of Bob Fernley comes less than 24 hours after Fernando Alonso failed to qualify for the Indianapolis 500.

Alonso was driving a car run by McLaren, who set up a new team with Fernley at the helm specifically for this year's event.

2019 Gegužės 20 d. 22:15

Car by McLaren, bet tai buvo Carlin masina (technical partner) ir is 4 Carlin masinu - 3 iskrito, iskaitant ir Alonso.

Idomesne yra McLaren desperacija:
The team made inquiries into buying out another driver to give Alonso a spot in the 33-car field in a non-McLaren backed effort. Brown said Alonso initially supported McLaren running a car for him if the team needed to satisfy obligations to their sponsors. But once the Spaniard learned he’d be replacing another driver and competing for another team, he said he was uncomfortable with pursuing that route. McLaren had zeroed in on Oriol Servia’s seat with Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports because McLaren already has a partnership with Arrow.

2019 Gegužės 21 d. 04:07

Šviežios naujienos - Niki Lauda has passed away ir keli kiti šaltiniai jau praneša. Labai liūdnos naujienos...

2019 Gegužės 21 d. 15:47

The path to missing the 33-driver field began when the car was not ready the moment Texas Motor Speedway opened for the April test. Brown had personally secured a steering wheel the previous week from Cosworth to use for the test, and the mistakes piled up from there.

“We didn’t get out until midday, our steering wheel was not done on time, that’s just lack of preparation and project management organizational skills,” Brown said. “That’s where this whole thing fell down, in the project management. Zak Brown should not be digging around for steering wheels.”

A cosmetic issue at the Texas test haunted McLaren deep into last week at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

McLaren purchased a car from technical partner Carlin, and though the car was orange when McLaren received it, it was not the proper McLaren “papaya orange.” It had to be repainted after the test, and that still had not been completed when Alonso crashed his McLaren-built car last Wednesday.

The Carlin spare was in a paint shop 30 minutes from the track, more than a month after McLaren complained about the color, and it ultimately cost McLaren almost two full days of track time. The team looked foolish as other teams were able to move into backup cars in mere hours; James Hinchcliffe crashed in Saturday qualifying and was back on track in his spare that afternoon.

Carlin was a two-car team when McLaren made its alliance but expanded to three for the Indy 500. Once Carlin took on the extra work, Brown said, the team had few resources to give McLaren.

“It was clear they weren’t capable of running three cars and serving us,” he said. Carlin entrants Max Chilton and Patricio O’Ward were the two other drivers who failed to qualify.

The car had an electrical issue in last month’s test at Indy and an employee was taken off the team for the error. Alonso had another electrical issue on opening day for the 500 and the alternator and wiring loom had to be replaced. Alonso crashed on the second day, and McLaren missed all of Day 3 rebuilding the spare from Carlin that was finally the proper shade of orange.

Fast Friday showed the car still needed speed, and Alonso went into qualifying on shaky ground. His first qualifying run was sabotaged by a tire puncture — which wasn’t detected beforehand because Brown said the team had purchased incorrect tire sensors.

Alonso wound up one of six drivers in the “Last Row Shootout” on Sunday and the panicked McLaren team begged and borrowed across the paddock for any assistance available. Alonso went out to practice Sunday with an entirely new setup, but in the frantic changeover a mistake was made in converting inches to the metric system the English team uses and the car scraped and sparked on his first lap. It had to be fixed and Alonso got in just five more laps before rain ended the session.

When it came time for Alonso to make his final last-gasp qualifying attempt late Sunday afternoon, the Spaniard was given a car that Brown and de Ferran were concerned might not perform.

“Gil and I went to the motorhome and told Fernando: ‘We are going to try this, but this could go well or really wrong. Are you comfortable?’” Brown said. “And Fernando said, ‘Let’s go for it.’”

Alonso agreed that he never backed away from the challenge.

“We went out with an experiment that we did overnight. We changed everything on the car because we thought that maybe we need something from the mental side different to go into the race with some confidence,” Alonso said. “We went out not knowing what the car will do in Turn 1, but you’re still flat. So we tried.”

The new setup and assistance from other teams indeed got the car up to speed, but Alonso was knocked from the field by 23-year-old Kyle Kaiser of tiny Juncos Racing. McLaren discovered after the qualifying run that the car had the wrong gear ratio setup.

“We actually had a 229 (mph) car but we had 227.5 gearing, so we beat ourselves again while we almost made it,” Brown said. “We really did put it all on the line and you could feel the anxiety. There was some real heroism in that. I don’t want the world to think McLaren is a bunch of idiots because while we did have a few, we had some real stars.”

Alonso has rejected an offer from the team to purchase a seat in the Indy 500 field for him.

Ieis i vadovelius sita sekmes istorija

2019 Gegužės 22 d. 00:03

The force is stronge with this one. Ne tik tevo, bet ir senelio genai:

2019 Gegužės 22 d. 13:14

According to paddock rumours and Italian sources, Simone Resta will move back to Ferrari sometime during summer, they desperately need him.

2019 Gegužės 22 d. 23:11

2019 Gegužės 23 d. 23:41

2019 Gegužės 24 d. 22:23

FIA tesia FIA ir teisejavimo reikalus - po busimos Ferrari zvaigzdes Micko avarijus visi zemiau jo buvo apdovanoti +1 ratu ir po to neleista jiems to rato atsiimti - priesingai negu sako reglamentas

2019 Gegužės 25 d. 11:27

Neziurejau race, bet maciau avarija. Visiskai pieniska ir nereikalinga. Prisidirbo iki ausu ponas.

2019 Gegužės 25 d. 12:33

Beje, labai informatyvus ir draugiskai siltas Rosbergo svieziausias podcastas su Ricciardo.

2019 Gegužės 26 d. 20:26

Ne vien Ferrari prisistrateguoja:

After he pitted for hards, his pace was amazing for like 20-30 laps. Once stins will be available, I will not hesitate to show it for you.

Bottom line is, he schould pit before George, and what is most important, under the SC. Who knows where he would end up then.

Neverthess, pace wise, it was his best race so far, ironiclly, on the track that many people were saying, he will not be able to drive on.

2019 Gegužės 26 d. 20:31

Big balls by Sainz:

2019 Gegužės 26 d. 21:56

Ka ten tas Sainzas. Leclerc netapo driver of the day, bent jau nuosirdumu, jei ne rezultatais?

2019 Gegužės 27 d. 14:18
2019 Gegužės 27 d. 14:18

Ne vien Ferrari prisistrateguoja:

After he pitted for hards, his pace was amazing for like 20-30 laps. Once stins will be available, I will not hesitate to show it for you.

Bottom line is, he schould pit before George, and what is most important, under the SC. Who knows where he would end up then.

Neverthess, pace wise, it was his best race so far, ironiclly, on the track that many people were saying, he will not be able to drive on.

Paskutinius 20+ ratu (nuo 55 iki 78) Robertelis stabiliai vaziavo ~1.5sec leciau negu Dzordzas. Labai primena nuovargi letoje gatviu trasoje. O pirmoje lenktyniu dalyje jis vaziavo laisvas kai tuo tarpu Dzordzas malesi su kitais pilotais kruvoje. Tai ka ten lenku fanatai rasineja - nelabai aisku. #oh #wait.

2019 Gegužės 27 d. 16:52

Relations between Maranello and the Monegasque's management are already close to breaking point."

2019 Gegužės 27 d. 17:47

^čia kiek neklystu jau italų spauda daugiausia reiškiasi, tai manau čia skiedalai. O ir taip, jei jis ir norėtų išeiti jau po šito sezono, kur jis eis? Laimėti gali tik 3 komandos šiais laikais, o jos visos užimtos. Mercedes tikrai nenorės lipti ant to paties grėblio antrą kartą (plius jie turi Russellą ir Oconą), Red Bull turi Verstappeną ir jiem to užtenka.

2019 Gegužės 28 d. 08:04

With turmoil on track, it appears upheavals are also taking place behind the scenes as performance engineers Alessandro Cinelli (aero) and Giacomo Tortora (chassis and tyres) are no longer in the posts they once held.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Ferrari bosses John Elkann and Louis Camilleri have approved an extra budget to completely redesign the front suspension of the SF90, bearing in mind that little has changed on their system for a couple of seasons while Red Bull and Mercedes have evolved their suspension systems.

2019 Gegužės 28 d. 08:51

tai ka darys Ferrari kai ribos biudzetus ? :D beliks tik su alfa ekspreimentuoti ? :D

2019 Gegužės 28 d. 15:49

Kokiu ~5m senumo kanka.

2019 Gegužės 28 d. 19:29

Sawardas geru grybuku uzvalges:

"The most shocking rumor that started to spread in the paddock in Monaco is that Sebastian Vettel is considering retiring from F1 at the end of the season at the age of 31.

"After winning four world championships with Red Bull between 2010 and 2013 he tried to bring Ferrari back to success, but he made several mistakes and is now under pressure after the arrival of Charles Leclerc, younger and apparently with more growth margin than German.

"A choice that in some ways would follow that of Nico Rosberg, who left F1 after winning the title in 2016 aware of the fact that he would hardly succeed in the enterprise again. The big question, of course, is who would be Vettel's successor.

"The names that have been circulating for now are those of Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen, Romain Grosjean and Valtteri Bottas."

2019 Gegužės 28 d. 19:48

Bottas shortterm butu realus kandidatas. Gal ir nera kazkas super, bet su tokiu bolidu koks skirtumas - vistiek pergales nesisviecia. Ir pats eitu, manau, nuo kovu su Hamiltonu pavarges. Bet agree - jei jau ganduose yra Grosjeanas - gandai beverciai

2019 Gegužės 29 d. 00:34

Perezo kandidatura - ne ka prastesne uz Grozano :)

2019 Gegužės 29 d. 10:46

nepaisant visu Perezo istoriju nenustebciau, kad jis galetu buti greitesnis uz pvz Botta

2019 Gegužės 29 d. 11:02
2019 Gegužės 29 d. 11:02

nepaisant visu Perezo istoriju nenustebciau, kad jis galetu buti greitesnis uz pvz Botta

o kas kazkam blogai su Perez? Hulknberga suvare 2 metus is 3. Ocona abu metus. Strola i vienus vartus deda. dar pralaimejo Knopkei, bet dar ir patirties stoka buvo

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