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2015 Vasario 18 d. 21:14

Palmer to get his first run in new Lotus at Barcelona.

2015 Vasario 19 d. 21:18

Ricciardo on #Ferrari:
"They seem pretty solid. I don't know what tyre Kimi was on."
- Medium.
RIC: "Then it looks pretty good."

2015 Vasario 20 d. 10:43

After only 12 laps of testing in Jerez, Raikkonen said to the whole team in the radio: "Thank you all for this car".

2015 Vasario 20 d. 17:25

didziausi aplodismentai Raikonenui ir Ferariui

2015 Vasario 20 d. 18:19

Uz sirdies griebianti info

2015 Vasario 20 d. 19:56

Įpusėjus sezonui, turėtų prasidėt verkimas, kad atsilieka nuo Mercedes.

2015 Vasario 20 d. 21:30

Mercedes 2015 engine is much better than the hugely-dominant 2014 version.
"Of course," Wehrlein is quoted by Speed Week, "the two engines did not feel the same. But it's hard to compare them."

2015 Vasario 20 d. 21:47

Boullier added: “We still have one more test to go and I think it is a little bit too soon to go into a race simulation. Maybe next week in one of the late afternoons if we see the potential we could put it in the plan, but we have so many system checks that we want to do before and tick the boxes, but the race simulation is the plan if we can do the other ones first.”

2015 Vasario 21 d. 14:46

enault is considering a rethink of its Formula 1 strategy in a move that could result in the return of a fully branded works effort.

2015 Vasario 21 d. 18:00

Dėl Renault visai realu, atsižvelgiant į kitus gandus:

"On Thursday, stories emerged in the German press suggesting that the Red Bull mogul and billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz might be looking to go beyond his role as a team owner and buy into the sport's commercial rights.

In the process, he might be offering to sell the multiple title-winning Milton-Keynes based team to Audi, the Volkswagen-owned German carmaker, for EUR 300 million by 2017."

"Renault is unhappy with its current situation: spending a lot of money as Red Bull's works supplier, only to be dwarfed from a marketing perspective by the energy drinks company.

Not only that, Red Bull has been highly critical of its partner, and in the last months been making its own moves to improve the turbo V6 engine, including bringing in the former Mercedes guru Mario Illien. On

Renault's shortlist are Lotus, Force India, Sauber and Toro Rosso," he revealed, adding that Bob Bell, formerly a leading Renault figure who recently departed Mercedes, might be involved.

Toro Rosso, Red Bull's second team, could be the frontrunner, as it is the only team on the list with no debt.

An added bonus is that, alongside Red Bull, the Faenza outfit is the only currently Renault-powered team."

Taigi visai tikėtina, kad Red Bull bus parduota Audi, o Toro Rosso - Renault.

2015 Vasario 22 d. 01:45

Manor Marussia sunkvezimis pajudejo. Matyt i FIA crash test arba testing...

2015 Vasario 22 d. 11:02

Vettel about the ban on helmet design changes: "If the penalty is just a little fine for charity I'm happy to keep changing my helmets."

2015 Vasario 22 d. 13:28

siuose testuose Williams laiku nerodys:

Yesterday Williams was happy to devote pretty much the whole day to pitstop practice - partly because, as Bottas explained, it didn't want to go into "fine details of set-up" until the next upgrade package arrives in the coming week, and also because after letting a few results slip in the pits in 2014, the team wanted to make sure it was absolutely operationally sharp going into 2015.

2015 Vasario 23 d. 00:24

Accident was indeed much heavier than it appeared. Alonso had two impacts, the first one was big, 30G at its peak – but what is even worse, he was under more than 15G impact for more than 54 milliseconds (a long time in this case). Also the angle of the impact was very unfortunate, the wheels did not come off, so nothing could absorb the energy .
These forces knocked Alonso out and he was unconscious for a while. When he woke up, he could not even answer simple questions clearly, that’s why he was airlifted to hospital.
They speculate that is was a mechanical failure that caused the crash.

Rimti reikalai. Dar sneka, kad viska galejo isprovokuoti elektros iskrova.

2015 Vasario 23 d. 02:35

Čia tikrai rimčiau nei maniau, todėl atsiprašau, jog F1 pavadinau bobų sportu. Iš pradžių pamaniau, kad po Bianchi įvykio ne tik lietuje draus važiuot, bet ir dėl kiekvieno atsitrenkimo į sieną skraidins į ligoninę..

2015 Vasario 23 d. 09:12

Vettelio teigimu, Alonso vaziavo pakankamai letai ir staiga pasuko i siena.
Labai panasu i elektros iskrova, kuri "isjunge" Fernanda.

Kelios foto:

Daugiau info:
1) If it was a seizure, or some other physiological but non-detecta*** phenomena, then they wouldn't be a*** to say for sure if he's "ok".

2) If it was a febrile seizure, they would have just said "he's got the flu" or virus, or whatever.

3) I don't believe 15g for 52 ms can cause a concussion without a visi*** hematoma. Which can't happen with an intact helmet.

4) The citing of a concussion as being "what happened" - when it doesn't explain why he was going slow, seemingly oblivious to the wall - would appear to be diversionary.

5) Honda engine seal problem was with the kinetic recovery side of the system; what happens when your engine coolant suddenly shorts across the electric motor, or oil?

6) He wasn't braking, he wasn't steering; he was almost obviously unconscious prior to the collision.

2015 Vasario 23 d. 09:13


2015 Vasario 23 d. 10:02

panasu, kad komentatoriams irgi reiketu paskraidyti i ligonines - mol siaip sau paeme ir skraidino? faktas kad buvo kazkas negerai, nes pats net nebande lipti is bolido

2015 Vasario 23 d. 10:40

For persons participating in athletics, the 2008 Zurich Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport recommends that participants be symptom free before restarting and then progress through a series of graded steps. These steps include:

complete physical and cognitive rest
light aerobic activity (less than 70% of maximum heart rate)
sport-specific activities such as running drills and skating drills
non-contact training drills (exercise, coordination, and cognitive load)
full-contact practice
full-contact games.
Only when symptom free for 24 hours, should progression to the next step occur. If symptoms occur, the person should drop back to the previous asymptomatic level for at least another 24 hours.

2015 Vasario 23 d. 16:00

Labai logiskas summary. Ypac negraziai atrodo McLaren, pasakodami pasakas apie "fine", "ok", "usual checks" ir t.t.

All these comments about driver error (oversteer) or the wind causing it sounds stupid and unlogical.
Mclaren comments about Alonso being fine when he is obviously not - couldn't get out of the car, was carried to mediheli and now 2 days in hospital... sounds sketchy

2015 Vasario 23 d. 16:49

man patinka sita vieta "when he is obviously". Egzpertai nusprende - jam blogai. Ir taskas.

2015 Vasario 23 d. 18:10

Jei būtų viskas gerai - faktas, jog būtų pats išlipęs iš bolido.

2015 Vasario 23 d. 18:17

Tarp gerai ir blogai yra daug tarpiniu variantu.

2015 Vasario 23 d. 21:05

statistika vienoje vietoje. Mersu greitis tai kazkoks kosTmosas

2015 Vasario 24 d. 09:19

Rimti sujudimai Honda HQ:

Initiator of Honda return to F1, president and CEO Takanobu Ito, will step down.

Ito, an "architect of Honda's return to formula one", has succumbed to the pressure of a scandal that has cost the carmaker millions due to the need to recall road cars with faulty airbags.

"He was present at all events and official presentations of McLaren-Honda in recent months, and despite all the early problems with the new engine was among the most optimistic about the development of the project.

"Takanobu Ito was also one of the main supporters of the signing of Fernando Alonso."

2015 Vasario 24 d. 09:33

On Thursday Ferrari will do the first race simulation.

Jock Clear will arrive soon, we talked with Mercedes, there are contracts that we want to respected.

2015 Vasario 24 d. 11:52

Martin Brundle:
McLaren say Alonso downshifting while applying full brakes in accident.
Unusual to pull for downshifts if you've lost control of a racing car.

Eilinis momentas, kuris sako apie galima blackouta - jei pakrate elektra, raumenys isitempe (ranka uzspaude downshift paddle, o koja - brake pedal).

2015 Vasario 24 d. 12:00

Jei Manor pasirodys, tai su 2014 Ferrari PU

2015 Vasario 24 d. 12:51

Ačiū Arūnai už visą šią info. Taip ir likčiau žalias apie šį incidentą.

2015 Vasario 24 d. 14:47

Jordi Vidal:
Alonso didn't touch the astroturf.
There wasn't any noticea*** wind in Turn 3.

Jordi Vidal yra tas bicas, kuris padare visas incidento nuotraukas t.y. buvo ten, posukio isoreje, uz atramu.

Ner uz ka nei man, nei kam kitam dekot, kas kazkokia idomesne info pateikia.

2015 Vasario 24 d. 14:54

Briatore sako, kad Alonso neprisimena crasho. Taip pat paneige elektrifikacijos teorijas

2015 Vasario 24 d. 17:02

OK, kaip ir rasiau bloge - jei ne elektrifikacija, tegu parodo vaizda is kockpito ir is cctv. O mes visi isitikinsime ir nebus apie ka daugiau kalbet.

Nes crash yra more than weird. Ir dar daugiau weird visi pareiskimai ir nesutapimai po jo.

2015 Vasario 24 d. 20:40

Berger: McLaren should disclose Alonso telemetry data.

2015 Vasario 25 d. 09:40

So if the suspension had failed why could Alonso not steer away from the wall? Some have suggested that he was somehow incapacitated, something which was seemingly backed up by comments apparently made by a photographer who witnessed the accident, saying 'his head was bent to one side before he hit the wall.'

This has led to speculation that something in the car's hybrid system had gone very badly wrong. Honda had been struggling with the cars electronics throughout the test and two different designs of seal on the MGU-K had apparently failed. The high voltage systems on current grand prix cars are extremely potent and could render a serious injury to a person in certain circumstances.

2015 Vasario 25 d. 11:10

Jei tai iš ties problema susijusi su bolidu ir būtent dėl komandos kaltės Alonso "išsijungė", tuomet įdomu kaip viskas klostytųsi toliau. Juk dėl kažkieno darbo broko Fernando gyvybei grėsė didelis pavojus, tokiu atveju ar komanda turi sumokėti didelius pinigus sportininkui? Ar nepašlis santykiai sezonui dar neprasidėjus? Ar neatsiras baimės jausmas vėl sėsti į elektros kėdę? Taip, jie lenktynininkai ir po avarijų toliau lekia galimybių ribomis, tačiau čia atvejis kitas, ne dėl pačio kaltės buvo išsijungęs, ne dėl savo klaidos įveikiant posūkį. Įdomu koks dabar užkulsinis bendravimas tarp piloto ir komandos vadovų. Skainant Alonso vadybininko pasisakymus, tonas neatrodo labai "švelnus".

2015 Vasario 25 d. 12:47

nu jo alonso ir mcl nelimpa niekaip

2015 Vasario 25 d. 15:31

Jeigu būtų dėl komandod kaltės Alonsui ka-kas nutikė, jis jau būtų išpasakojės ir pasiguodęs, o ne dangstytų tylėdamas.

2015 Vasario 25 d. 17:45

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